Working through pictures

Again, it’s been a while since I wrote a post. But to be honest, not much exciting has been happening. So I’ve decided to blog through pictures and show you where I’ve spent much of my time:


This is my coat. Quite often I am the last to leave the labs.


This is our Category 2 tissue culture suite. Many member of my lab, including myself spend up to 5 hours here in one go. It is small room and despite the cosy incubators at 37ºC for the cells, unfortunately room temperature is slightly below comfortable for us working bodies. (We’ve even had our DMSO freeze at “room temperature”)


This is my section of the lab bench. It could be tidier. But, I seem to prioritise everything else over tidying until it become necessary to do so. This is where I most often will be extracting RNA and setting up qPCRs, conducting many stages of western blotting or preparing plasmids.


This is  my office desk. It could be tidier. I actually don’t get to spend too much time here as I am more commonly found in the lab. This is where I do my calculations, plan experiments and eat biscuits!




This is our high content analysis microscope in it’s new location. This microscope automatically captures images from cells plated in multi-well plates. We even have a robotic arm to automatically load plates, which is useful for screening experiments.


When I’m not in the lab, I have a thesis to write. I try to vary the locations and find the most productive spot. Home is usually not the place. But I like the university libraries and I quite like Teviot Row House too.


And finally the hindu society, after 4 years of being an integral part of the committee, we had the final event (we attended a local Holi party) and enjoyed indian food together. The baton has been passed down to some enthusiastic student who will continue to strengthen the society and I look forward to seeing what they achieve.



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